Ex Caelum Anathema

Entry 11
Location: Vasacau

The Solar Union/Expeditionary Parliament marine commander granted the alphas clearance to try things their way. Armed with additional grenades, vacuum suits and complete schematics of the prison arm, they entered the facility at a nearby control center. Held by prison security soldiers, it was only one section away from a firefight between security and heavily armed prisoners. The Alphas and Reuben separated their forces and flanked the rioters, using their superior mobility and firepower to root convicts out from their cover and annihilate them. Without environmentally sealed equipment, the security forces were unable to join the team and stayed behind to hold the control center.

Through the next door, a radioactive plasma inferno awaited. Realizing they were bound to be exposed to deadly doses of radiation, the alphas acquired neutrad and bypassed the searing heat of a ruptured reactor, plotting the least harmful course and relying on their equipment and reflexes to protect them. Both were put to the test by the hazards in the power routing station. Jarek Katejan’s deadly virus, the Masa Jedlik, floated in cloying green clouds just beyond, and a damaged power coil sent an arc of electricity crackling through the air. Convicts trapped inside the room, with marines preparing to enter on the other side, desperately tried to deactivate the power so they could escape the oncoming gas. The rotted and molten bodies of those caught in the virus’ wake lay about the room. Boom unleashed the full fury of his chain gun, riddling the unasuspecting prisoners with lead, and Dusan hurled enemy after enemy directly into the lightning arc. Elliot deactivated the power flow, allowing Dusan to escort the civillian hiding in a nearby storage closet through the room, past the gas clouds, and towards the cargo bay.

Spanning two floors, the cargo bay hosted fierce resistance by the rioting prisoners, and the entrypoint for the HAZMAT marines and two APE class police robots. After rooting out the enemies in the catwalks, Six leapt down the elevator to the next level, thirty feet below. Joy sprang across the cargo and landed in a roll, and Boom simply plunged down—into a nest of fire. Surrounded by criminals on every side of the catwalks above, the team took cover behind one of the two robots, now on the lower floor. As Reuben swung down and butchered a foe with his trademark chainsword, Dusan saw his civilian to safety before descending himself.

The fall damaged Boom’s environmentally sealed armor, rendering him susceptible to the flesh melting virus. Undeterred, he launched himself at the enemy with uncaring brutality. After crushing two convicts against the door to the next room, he plunged his hand straight through one’s flesh and left a shrapnel grenade behind. The resulting fountain of gore gave even the hardened marines pause.

Six and Joy scaled the catwalks and dispatched the remaining enemies with speed and efficiency. Further resistance awaited beyond, in a medical bay brimming with radiation. One of the prisoners’ compatriots was strapped down in a radiological imaging machine that had been set far, far too high. The smell of burning flesh filled the chamber. Boom took the south path, driving his enemies before him, and Six flanked the enemy’s position to prepare for his approach. Joy entered a room full of enemies and threatened to pull the pins on all six of her grenades, demanding to know where Jarek was. It seemed that they were none too fond of the criminal scientist. Reuben’s burst into the room and gunned one down with his shotgun, and Dusan, impatient with the carnage, swept them all into a corner for Six to deal with.

One of the prisoners revealed that Jarek had laid traps through the rest of the cell block. With the marines right behind them, the Alphas used this pretense to convince them to hold position, allowing them time enough to locate their target. With G’s remote hacking support, they navigated the remainder of the cell block slowly and cautiously—until the final chamber. Six advanced on the interrogation room to investigate a strange pressurized container. As he approached, he caught sight of a symbol on the side—and then a shockwave hurled him against the far wall, brought down metal beams and debris throughout the room, and diffused the Masa Jedlik inside the trapped container. C24 explosives fractured his vacuum suit and exposed him to the deadly virus. With no time to focus on the effects of the disease, Six used his echolocation and knowledge of the facility’s layout to teleport into an air pocket around the corner—and face to face with Jarek Katejan.

Camoflauged but unable to communicate with his team, Six moved cautiously around the edges of the room, sizing up the terrorist, who sat as if merely waiting. An animate vine curled around his arm and he rolled a pod or ball of sorts in his other hand. With Boom approaching from the south, protected from the gas by Dusan’s telekinesis, Reuben crossed the rubble at Joy’s request and threw open the door. Jarek immediately threw the device—a grenade—straight at Reuben’s chest. The blurry outline of a hand swung across his field of vision, batting the grenade to the other side of the room. it exploded with a pop, spreading a cloud of bloody red gas harmlessly away from his friends. Before Jarek could lash out with the vine coiled on his arm, Six slipped through space and landed atop the chair, silently waiting behind Jarek’s back. Before any further violence could ensue, the Alphas surrounded their target and urged him to go with them. It took no convincing—Jarek was confident, assured, and took their interest in him as a matter of course.

As the marines entered the room, Six jammed a neural scrambler atop Jarek’s head. The virus working its way rapidly through Six’s body began to thin his bodily fluids, oozing from his eyes and draining down his throat. It wasn’t till they bypassed marine attempts to confiscate their prisoner (by invoking their bargain with the marine commander) that they removed the scrambler and Jarek provided him with the antidote.

On the shuttle back to the cartographer, Joy congratulated Reuben on coming back alive. Comms came through from the marine commander, expressing gratitude for providing a solution that saved marines and the entire complex from destruction. Military forces evacuated first the civillians, then the remaining prisoners, then the atmosphere from the prison wing, sterilizing the viral clouds in the vacuum of the planet’s surface. Full decontamination efforts will be expensive and prolonged, but they can at least begin. Most of the military seems displeased that the one responsible for this massive terrorist attack hasn’t been taken into custody, but the alphas are to be rewarded regardless.


  • Mission Complete: Rot in Prison
  • Missions Unlocked: See main page


  • DATA: You have discovered the identity of a Sendai Corporation police informant in Lemet (prison records database)
  • WIKI UPDATE: Main Page, available missions posted


  • Weapon: Tanglevine
  • Weapon: Grenade, Pain Gas x2
  • Weapon: Grenade, Poison Fletchette x1
  • Weapon: Grenade, Debilitation Gas x2
  • Weapon: Grenade, Hemorrhage Gas x2


  • (none)


  • (none)
Entry 10
Location: Vasacau

After salvaging the remnants of the Evolution, the Alphas returned to Vasacau itself and convinced the authorities that they were, in fact, Z-Tech personnel. With the credentials of the dead they’d found, G and Dusan created false identities for the crew. The scientists received fake Z-Tech credentials, while the rest of the crew received various civilian cover identities. They also embarked on an identity theft spree, funneling accounts from both the Z-Tech personnel and random strangers in an effort to hit some bigger targets. These efforts were moderately successful but ultimately terminated to avoid detection.

They also installed the mass transceiver from the Evolution into the Cartographer. This cost no additional energy and enables the two ships in the fledgling fleet to communicate instantaneously within 1000 AU. After selling the remains of the salvage, constructing special armor to conceal Boom’s inhuman biology, and conducting several other deals, including trading the excess of Geralth weaponry they possess, they answered a sales offer for a mysterious package. Brais the Treasure Hunter had a metal crate for sale to the first good offer, but a rival captain attempted to convince him that the party—devoid of any reputation for business in the sector—could not be trusted. Through aggressive persuasion, the Alphas discouraged their opposition and purchased the crate for a fraction of the original price. Inside were the remnants of a Periax altspace drive. Though highly radioactive, the drive has the potential to enhance your technology.

Dusan made Brais a contact and acquired a freelancing merchant license, granting the crew of the Drake access to the Mercantile Network. They can now pursue alternate employment options throughout human space.

The next order of business was to investigate the two prisoners mentioned in the lab reports of the Evolution. Psychological profiles indicated that the subjects were rejected for participation in the mysterious Project Sapphira and were still in the Vasacau system. Rather than infiltrating the Z-Tech office located on Vasacau II-8, the team decided to use their leverage as “Z-Tech personnel” to convince the local authorities to turn over the prison logs. Just as they began investigating their first mark, Reuben “Smash & Dash” Petersen, an emergency alert informed them that he’d escaped and was armed.

With no time to spare the party deployed an away team (based out of the Cartographer, to avoid Z-Tech detection) to a local spaceport—Petersen’s last reported location. They split up and searched the crowds, hoping to locate and isolate the dangerous criminal before causing a panic. Police assistance was limited and delayed. Several unsavory characters led Joy, Boom, Six and Dusan to a cargo bay, where the criminals were in the act of hijacking a transport to escape the station. Boom laid waste to them with his chain gun, displaying a complete lack of concern for their wellbeing and a singleminded bent on destruction. Only a direct command turned him from his purpose. When Reuben did not appear, Joy and Six deduced his location and ambushed him in a bar. Joy managed to get close and set a grenade in his lap, offering him a role with their crew in exchange for his Sendai contacts and continued existence. A shootout ensued elsewhere in the station, as Reuben’s remaining associates engaged police forces and the Alphas, but Reuben decided to go with Joy while Six broke off to neutralize any remaining opposition.

At that exact moment, another emergency bulletin went out—explosions reported at the maximum security prison facility on the planet’s surface. With Reuben in custody the team regrouped, following the scene as it unfolded. Jarek Katejan launched an explosive and deadly attack from within. Reports are in that the facility is heavily damaged, leaking radiation and arcing electricity. Furthermore, Jarek’s biological weapons are spreading throughout the prison and threatening to spread. As station security tries to contain the now armed prisoners and HAZMAT marines deploy to quell the uprising, the military contemplated detaching the prison block and deploying nuclear devices to eliminate the biohazard. The alphas convinced them to belay, temporarily, to give them a chance to locate and secure Jarek. With limited support, they must race against time to navigate a hazardous environment while seeking a brilliant terrorist.


  • (Pending: ZTS Evolution)
  • (Pending: Starchart update)
  • (Pending: Vasacau update)


  • Environment-sealed Light Armor (custom, Boom)
  • Wealth Bonus (from Z-Tech accounts)
  • Mass Transceiver (cartographer)
  • ZT90 Rifle, two packs of assault grenades
  • 4 belts of grenades (unspecified)
  • Fake IDs
  • Periax Altspace Coils (radioactive)



Entry 9


Events that have transpired since the Xerpho encounter:

  • The team eliminated a hostile alien lifeform in the Civilization Alpha ruins. This alien exuded a slime that corrupted organic matter and converted it into more slime. It also possesses psionic attacks and is highly resistant to damage.
  • Down in the ruin, the last member of Captain Clarke’s crew was discovered, slain.
  • After salvaging whatever they could from the Civ Alpha ruin, they convinced the crew of the Cartographer to join them.
  • Traveled to Ronax. Entered the space station there, infiltrated the society (miners, industrial workers) and learned that an important Z-Tech shipment (ZTS 2639) was inbound. This fleet included multiple warships.
  • Engaged in off-shore shenanigans, including gambling, flirting, drinking, snooping, and (in Dr Theo Maldonado’s case) associating with unsavory individuals.
  • G recruited a chemical engineer named L’Darken Mendoff
  • Six discovered another Alpha being stored in the Z-Tech dock (Boom) and the team organized a raid to retrieve the Alpha.
  • The raid resulted in Six discovering multiple new abilities. It also alerted the entire space station to the party’s presence, necessitating a swift retreat. By the time the party returned to the cartographer and lost their pursuers, they’d acquired a mecha arm & chaingun as well as an armored truck.
  • When activated, the new alpha self-identified spoke the word “Nibiru.” He self identifies as “Boom.”


During transit, the Alphas worked on their various projects. Joy developed, with Twitchy’s help, a neurotoxin that affects humans but not Alphas. It is not currently very potent, but further development is expected.

Dusan developed several new weapons. Claudine sequenced Boom’s DNA and discovered that he has genetic elements of the Boshaggh. His primary function seems to be organic weapons platform. April reconfigured the chain gun from the mecha for his usage.

Upon arriving at the Vasacau system, the fleet received a hail from a nearby Vanguard police station. The station informed them that a Z-Tech ship had issued a distress beacon nearby. The crew investigated cautiously, discovering that the ZTS Evolution was dead on arrival—atmosphere vented, life support disabled, altspace drive fried from an un-managed jump. On board, the entirety of the crew was dead. They’d been killed execution style and neatly stacked in the cargo hold. More gruesome was the death of the lead scientist—Dr. Darren Lemelle. His heart was incinerated, along with a hole through his chest cavity. The crew believes the weapon was similar to Six’s vibrational force-blades, but plasma based.

Three messages were painted in blood on the bridge of the ship: The Z-Tech label, painted then slashed out. The word “Anathema” and the word “Nibiru.” Evolution was a science vessel conducting surveys and studies of prisoners as part of Project Safira, one of four Z-Tech supersoldier projects. Safira’s aim is to identify prisoners with psychotic tendencies and alter them into completely obedient, but still creative, warriors. A major HQ for the project is located at Uineljia system, 16.7 LY from Vasacau.

After thoroughly inspecting the ship, the crew decided to salvage it, while coming up with an explanation to deliver to the Vanguard station nearby.



  • Mecha salvage (Chaingun, arm)
  • Armored Truck
  • Samples & data from the Evolution
  • Bio samples from the armored car



  • Ammunition, bio-agent
  • Ammunition, plasma coated
  • Chemical, Alphashade
  • Chemical, Anti-Slime
Xerpho: CivAlpha Site

After inducting the new team member, the Drake entered the debris field and assembled an away team, consisting of Joy, G, Elliot, Six, and Captain Clark. The entrance to the site was located within a large impact crater, on a meteoroid several kilometers in diameter. Also within the crater they found a Geralth landing vehicle—unmanned and with no local battlenet. Upon entering the facility they lost all communications and sensors contact with the outside. Heavy radiation and electromagnetic damage—characteristic of all CivAlpha sites discovered to date—left little to discover, but several important facts stood out: There was a row for five stasis cells, four identical sized and one larger. Of the four, one had been removed and three were nonfunctional. The fifth cell was open, and Clark reported it was closed when they left. Bloodstains and bizarre ectoplasmic growths littered the area, triggering a defensive reaction in the CivAlpha personnel. Hesitant to approach the shifting mass of slime on the ceiling, G nonetheless retrieved a data core that reacted to the words “Impetus.”

Further exploration revealed signs of a struggle, Geralth blood, and a medical bay filled with eight of the large slime pods. One Geralth survivor was holed up in what was once living quarters, firing frantically at anything that tried to enter the room. The crew left him alive. Finally, Subject Six decided to enter the medical bay to retrieve a sample of the floating ectoplasma. His echolocation immediately betrayed the presence of a large, undefined object on the ceiling above him. He looked up and (log ends)

Arrival: Xerpho


In accordance with the new priorities of the team, the Drake set a course for Xerpho—a system at the uttermost edge of Terran space, known to contain volcanic planets and a debris field. Their objective: search for salvage and acquire resources to fuel their mission to investigate Civilization Alpha and the Z-Tech Corporation.
Immediately upon arriving in the system, the Drake received a distress call from a freelance ship identified as Cartographer. On a salvage expedition of her own, the Cartographer had fallen under attack by a Geralth Corvette. They also revealed (under duress from the incredulous G) that they possessed the location of a Civilization Alpha site in the debris field, and one of their crew members was still down there.
Outgunned by the Geralth ship, the team nonetheless elected to initiate combat. Manning the guns of the Drake itself along with the plasma-missile armed Sparrowhawk fighters, they engaged the Geralth corvette and its two fighters. G stayed aboard the Drake, infiltrating the Geralth battlenet and engaging in electronic countermeasures (including sabotaging the auto-pilot of one fighter to ram it into the corvette). The Cartographer entered the battle heavily damaged and out of missiles, and ultimately docked with the Drake to seek refuge. The battle ended with a boarding action by the Geralth, who invaded the cargo bay of the Drake. Dusan and April moved to repel, disabling multiple hostiles before being knocked out by a combination of concentrated laser fire and a really bad grenade toss. As the Geralth gained control of the lower deck, Joy followed them in and ambushed them from behind. Even as she was locked in hand to hand combat, a Geralth engineer accidentally triggered an evacuation alarm, falsely believing that the ship’s reactor was going critical. Joy dispatched the remaining invaders, April and Dusan were rushed to the medical bay, all Sparrowhawks returned to docking bays, and the battle concluded with one Geralth captured, multiple dead, and three ships now docked together.
Upon concluding the combat, several members of the crew boarded the Cartographer, and met her crew: Captain Nicholas Clarke, Lt. Georgia Brucato, and the kid (Andrew Ellison). They reported that one of their number, Ivan, was lost at the site—they had to retreat when the Geralth showed and he wasn’t with them. Perhaps more importantly, however—Clarke and his crew had successfully retrieved one artifact before being driven off: an intact and functional Civilization Alpha stasis pod. Inside, they found Subject Six, kin to the Civilization Alpha specimens activated on Vran. Joy immediately took him to the Drake for testing/acclimatization, checking his cybernetic and combat capabilities. The new crew member is capable of generated a field of spatial vibrations capable of cutting through matter—in effect, a sword or other sharp weapon. G expressed mistrust, but agreed to work alongside the stranger for the time being.

• Experience Gained:
o Combat:
 Defeated Geralth corvette
 Defeated Geralth fighters
 Defeated Geralth boarding party

o Objectives:
 Rescued Cartographer
 Captured Geralth corvette
 Retrieved Subject Six

• Roster Changes:
o Captain Nicholas Clarke (joined)
o Lt. Georgia Brucato (joined)
o Andrew “Ace” Ellison (joined)
o Subject Six (joined)
o Geralth Prisoner (captured)

• Acquisitions:
o Geralth Corvette (captured)
 Supplies (not yet inventoried)
 Weapons (not yet inventoried)
 Armor (not yet inventoried)
 Miscellany (not yet inventoried)
 Fuel (not yet inventoried)

o Spoils
 Weapons & armor (Geralth boarding party)

o Cartographer (docked)

o Specimens: (none)

• Profit: (N/A)

• Drake Status:

• Decisions & Questions:

Mission Update (Post-Atagartis)
  • Joy brought in the others for their consideration
  • They pushed Dr. Graves to the edge through threats
  • Dr. Graves revealed that she’d received her cybernetic implants from the Periax, and claimed that’s why she’d hidden her abilities.
  • Suddenly, Dusan doubled over, suffering from internal bleeding. Joy was grievously harmed as was Elliot. Only G escaped unscathed
  • Joy used her stealth field to approach Dr. Graves and snap her neck, just as Dusan wavered on the very brink of death.
  • Claudine rushed the wounded to the medical bay. Joy and G dealt with the remaining Z-Tech personel.
  • The crew has come to an agreement—they do not trust Z-Tech.

Dr. Maldonado has offered his assistance. He seems to approve of the plan to effectively go rogue, and has a great deal of information available regarding Z-Techs operations.

Dr. Connor is unhappy with the situation. He admits, however, that his reception with Z-Tech is likely to go poorly. He’s begrudgingly agreed to provide assistance, on the condition that the party help him take up a new identity and go back to his life some time in the future.

Dr. Hopkins is both terrified and eager to please. His knowledge of chemistry and pharmaceuticals is at your disposal. His primary concern is safety & receiving credit & acknowledgement for his contributions.

Claudine Higgins knows she’s in a bad situation and has grown somewhat attached to the party. However, she fears for her continued safety and the violent life most likely ahead.

Dr. Graves is dead. Her brain was dissected and the cybernetic implants extracted. They were more advanced than human tech, but less advanced than civ alpha tech. There is evidence she was plotting to sell you out to the Periax. She also injected most of the party with nanites while helping them discover their cybernetics, which is how she harmed everyone.

The party has expressed the following interests:

  • Improve the ship

—Upgrade weapons
—Upgrade defensive systems

  • Acquire resources
  • Investigate Civilization Alpha
  • Investigate Z-Tech
Mission Status 4-6-2013
Location: Atagartis

After the destruction of the starbase, the team considered their assault on the relay station below. Their supplies of antitox significantly depleted, another direct assault on the Boshaggh was bound to be difficult. They administered brief medical attention and then began a descent into the atmosphere.

The relay station is situated on a small rock outcropping in the middle of the sea. Violent electromagnetic storms and a poisonous atmosphere made for a dangerous approach. The Drake hovered over the relay tower (the primary target) and G scanned for any way to wirelessly access the internal systems. Apparently, all power to the facility had been cut. An away team consisting of April, Dusan and Joy dropped a heavy weight from the fore cargo doors and repelled down the line. This immediately triggered an attack by a winged strain of Boshaggh, which attacked with poisonous projectile spikes. While G turned the Drake’s weapons against the Boshaggh, the enemy barrage was overwhelming. April used her vision to look into the control tower—which was filled with dangerous enemy boshaggh, including dominators and commanders. Elliot brought the Drake low and opened the cargo bay doors—right on top of the altspace environmental accommodation array, damaging the station’s ability to send messages through the atmosphere. The away team fled, heavily wounded and severely poisoned, and the Drake took up a position in the upper atmosphere.

By this time, Joy was frustrated with their efforts and questioned the original mission objective. The Z-Tech scientists spent a week studying their boshaggh captive and gaining as much information as possible about them, in the hopes of synthesizing a biotoxin that could eliminate them easily. But Joy had other plans…

Maldonado, Graves, Connor and Hopkins all woke up in the gym, tied up and being interrogated by Joy. She demanded the whole truth, including the purpose of using this altspace relay station. Under duress, the scientists admitted that Z-Tech was unlikely to grant the Civilization Alpha specimens their freedom—and would likely incarcerate them for close study. They also admitted that they themselves would be punished for their failure, demoted and shamed at best.

Dr. Graves, when pressed about her cybernetic capabilities, responded defensively, claiming that she hides secrets because her cybernetics are illegal/from dubious sources. In a particularly frenzied moment, she threatened to kill Joy. Whether she’s capable of following up on this threat is unknown.

Joy, April and G decided to consult the others at this point, to help make a decision—about the mission and about their ultimate fates.

Excerpts from the conversation between Dr. Connor and Dr. Maldonado:

Connor: “This situation is completely uncontained. We’re out here, alone, in a barely armed ship, with those savages the Geralth flying about and a Boshaggh infestation underway. If we’re making it back, it’s with reinforcements.”

Maldonado: “I don’t know, Frank, they seem to have everything under control.”

Connor: “Under CONTROL?!? They’ve destroyed every piece of Z-Tech property they’ve encountered and nearly DIED down there just trying to send for help! No, this is NOT under control.”

Maldonado: “Looks like you’ve got something on your nose Frank, better rub it off—oh, that’s right, your hands are tied. Definitely not under control.”

Connor: “Go to hell, Theo."

Connor: "We at least need to warn them about Project Anakim. Give a full report. We’ve made first contact with Civilization Alpha here. "

Maldonado: “Why? What force compels us to comply with our employers? We have our own ship. We have weapons. We have fine facilities here, plenty of equipment with which to continue our studies, and an excellent working relationship with our former specimens. It might be more profitable to…ah…terminate our current relationship with Zeonion Technology Systems…and finance our own operations.”

Connor: “Are you out of your goddamn mind? Damn it Theodore, take your adolescent power fantasies and shove them! You’d take away all our work, our years of research, the LIVES that have been lost, and hoard our findings?"

Maldonado: “Come on Frank, don’t feed me bullshit about the greater good now. Our job was to make weapons for a corporation. Maybe they’d sell the Anakim to the Union after that, kill some aliens or something, but it was never just about the knowledge. If scientific progress is your kick, you’ve got unprecedented opportunities right here, and no marketing apes to tell you what people do or don’t want."

Mission Status 2-9-2013

NOTE: Previous log was out of date. This log consists of two separate incidents.

Surrounded by enemies, Dusan used his telekinetic abilities to activate the remote transmitters on the bridge, allowing G to gain administrator access to the starbase’s systems. Then, before the enemy could react, he used an overwhelming mental assault to obliterate the boshaggh organism controlling Joy. Thus freed, she released a grenade and the two fought their way back downstairs.

Outside, Elliot left the bridge to Dr. Maldonado and launched a fighter assault on the starbase’s fuel receptors. Two well-placed plasma torpedoes inflicted significant damage, while G continued her digital infiltration.

Covered by April and Dusan, the away team retreated back to the Drake. With the point-defense guns disabled they disengaged, dragging a captured Boshaggh soldier. Moments later, G triggered the self destruct and the Drake pulled to a safe distance, there to regroup and recover from the near-disastrous encounter.

(FYI—since it’s been a while, I might have forgotten to add some details. Please comment/inform me what I missed. next update coming soon)

Mission Status 1-27-2013

During altspace travel, the team engaged in research on a variety of topics, educating themselves on an unfamiliar galaxy. They also improved communication with the human scientists who’d unlocked them. They learned, among other things, the following points:

The team also explored The Drake, taking stock of its facilities and inventory. Using the supplies on board, they upgraded their equipment, and Joy had some cybernetic upgrades installed.

Dr. Graves assisted the team with a radiology scan to analyze their individual cybernetic components.

When the team arrived at Atagartis, they found the orbital station had been infested by Boshaggh invaders. They docked the drake and Joy and Dusan suited up to enter. Meanwhile, Content Not Found: G began EVA to cut open the hull and disable the point defense guns.

Inside the station, the away team discovered the Boshaggh in the process of moving supplies throughout the ship. While Dusan began mentally infiltrating the hive mind, Joy took point, climbing straight up to the bridge—where she was inducted into the hive. Dusan followed, and upon entering the bridge found himself surrounded by various types of Boshaggh. With moments to act and a mind-controlled Joy clinging to the ceiling above him, he telekinetically manipulated a nearby comm panel—and opened a channel to G. G now has a way to attempt to gain control of the Starbase’s systems, but Dusan and Joy remain surrounded by Boshaggh and in terrible danger.

Mission Status 1-14-2013

While Shelley used electronic counter measures to disable the enemy corvette, John donned a vacuum suit and entered the starbase. It had sustained heavy damage and the artificial gravity was offline. While floating his way through the scattered cargo crates of the hold, a sudden burst of light and flash of heat struck him—three Geralth elites equipped with powered space armor lurked amidst the shadows. Armed with laser rifles, they opened fire on Elliot—who was completely unaffected, though his spacesuit will need repairs.

Given the live-fire situation, April quickly made her way down the access chamber. When her sidearm jammed, she lined up a shot with her armor-piercing rifle. It tore through the enemy’s armor and sent it bouncing around the chamber.

While Joy retrieved extra vacuum suits for Erica and Theo, Dusan moved along the side of the room, flanked the enemies, and hurled them around the station interior with his control over momentum. Nobody on the team sustained serious injuries during the firefight, though there was some equipment damage. With the Geralth corvette cutting off all communications and switching to manual fire controls to defeat Shelley’s electronic sabotage, the team and the survivors boarded the frigate at the far side—The Drake.

Elliot took the helm and fired up the altspace drives. The Drake’s superior engines enabled them to outrun the enemy ship long enough to set in a destination solution, and the team left the Vran system behind. Their destination is the Atagartis system—the only system in Altspace travel range.

In the 17 days it will take to reach there, the team has the opportunity to explore the vessel, interact with the science team that awoke them, and seek some answers to the questions raised by their awakening.


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