Quick shadow. Headshot.


Female that appears to be in her early thirties, black hair and brown eyes. 5’9", slender. Dark complexion.

First Observations:
I move VERY quickly – slightly faster than Joy.
I am familiar with driving a vehicle.
I have a HUD that easily targets points of interest (enemies).
I can quickly count multiple enemies.
I have telescopic vision, can see very far away.
I am more dexterous than G.
I am not very good at full auto (better at focused fire).
I am hypersensitive to visual stimulus.

Second Observations:
G is a walking computer with a fortified metal skeleton.
Joy has a few implants in the brain and tiny implants all over her body/skin.
_Dusan_’s right arm is a cybernetic prosthetic – robotic,designed to look like skin. Lots of little brain implants (including base of brain stem were it meets the spine).
_Elliot_’s couple implants in the brain, eyes are artificial.
Erica has ometing going on in her brain. Sizeable implant, different to what’s going on in ‘our’ bodies.

Third Observations, on Scan:
3 Complex Plexuses
Target & Telescope Optics
Implant Increases Reaction Time
Implant Related to Auditory Complex (Voice Stress Analyzer)

Current Inventory:
AP Sniper Rifle [single shot, armor piercing (20 shots/clip, 4 full clips, 18 shots/1 clip)]
Light Combat Armor
Stun Baton
Concussion Grenades (6 grenades)
Light Combat Armor (not sealed)
Light Source
Comm Device
Food Pills
ZT90 Assault Rifle (5 clips, laser sight)
ZT 5-7 Pistol (5 clips)
Night Vision Goggles
2 fast-use medkits
1 anti-toxin


Awake, senses.

Many, fighting. Pass unnoticed. Gun.

People like me – or near to me. I understand them.

Others, shorter. Out of sync with me.

A rising need to leave, follow those like me.

Drive, shoot. Shoot, drive. Give them the slip. Drive.

Ship, more weapons. Rifle, look down the scope. I know this.

Gather weapons, gather equipment. Board small ship with others.

Run from planet. Run from fighters.

Scan others. Many interesting things.

Dock with station, fight for ship.

Pistol jammed. Damn, drop it.

Prone, line up the shot, send him flying just like old times.

Or is it? Do I have old times?

Broke free. New ship, take stock of weapons. Have a feeling we’ll need them.

Time alone, time with the others.

Modify weapons, learn more about myself.

Two weeks of keeping busy so cabin fever does not set in.

Have I ever actually had cabin fever? This is strange – but I’m not sure I know what strange actually is.

Approaching a ship, we have to send a message. I hope the mailman is amicable.

Turns out the mailman is a bunch of insectoids that aren’t very amicable at all. Rude.

Damned planet was crawling with bugs. I was in so much pain. Damned bugs.

What did we go down there for again? The lab coats.

Damned bugs.

Calm down and focus, work on your weapons.

Break them down. Rebuild them. Break them down. Rebuild them. Break them down. Rebuild them.

Damned bugs.

Focus! You have time to focus! Rest! Calm! Work on your weapons!

Break them down. Rebuild. Break down. Rebuild. The faster I get, the better I’ll be.

So weird to know I don’t have a past. Break down. Rebuild. Break down. Rebuild.

Take your time. It becomes muscle memory.

Damned bugs. Dreamed about bugs.

Joy woke me up, apparently the lab coats are tied up.

Tied up and hoping to give us up to people who will experiment on us.

…wait, experiment on us further, since we’re already experiments to begin with.

Damned bugs.

Dr. Graves seems like she needs some breaking down and rebuilding. Angry glare.

Searing pain, blood – vision went black and white and…

Lights out.

Damned bugs.


Ex Caelum Anathema Fezhat