"This disorderly collection of mooks could use some radical restructuring. Let's get to it."


Usually decked out casually; in dangerous situations, favours light armour.

Ten food pills, night vision, ZT 5-7 pistol, clips for pistol, comm devices, ZT90 Assault rifle, laser rifle, 6 C24s, I vacuum suit.

Pistol has suppressor, assault rifle has laser sight – increases range increment by 50%; another person can spot for the assault rifle wielder.

Cybernetic arm: improved strength and reflexes.

Implants protect from stunning, two contain training information – extra knowledge; other protects against mental effects.

Sensor: Electricomp — bracelet – grants bonus on searching, repairing electronics and detects weaknesses in cybernetics.


Subject Information:
Location: Vran, Unknown Solar System
Name: Dusan
Affiliations: Alpha Team

Physical Overview:
Age (apparent): Early 30s
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Height: 6’1”
Eyes: Dark
Weight: 170 lbs
Build: Slightly underweight
Complexion: Dark

Biological Overview:
Species: Civilisation Alpha/Unknown
Cybernetic Implants: Cybernetic Arm.
Race: Unknown
Origin: Vran

Known Enhancements:
Psychological: Protection from stunning, mental incursion. Extra knowledge.

Combat Training:
Proficient with personal firearms.

Field Skills:
Computer use: Good.
Technical skills: Minor.
Interpersonal skills: Good, augmented by psionics

Subject has strong self-preservation drives, and is cautious and methodical. Prefers precision over power. Moderate regard for the well-being of his fellow subjects. Limited regard for his other companions. Becomes recklessly aggressive when sufficiently angered – usually when a member of Alpha team is in serious danger.

Known Acquaintances:
Allies: Alpha Team, plus pertinent civilian crew.


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