Techie, hair-braider, psychopath


An opportunistic, amoral and trigger-happy individual, G possesses few and simple desires, but brooks no complications in their pursuit. Since awakening within a Z-Tech facility and finding herself surrounded by what to her mind are an incompetent and foolhardy team of misfits, these desires can be condensed into two simple goals: getting to the truth of the situation, and survival. She cares not for riches, heroism or companionship, though to her dismay she finds she has grown inexplicably attached to certain members of the crew. Notably these include Joy, Claudine, Captain Nicholas Clark, and even included the late Dr. Graves, despite her substantiated distrust in the human and stated desire to inflict a great deal of pain upon her. Her name reflects her impersonal, straightforward nature: asked to provide one for herself, she offered the first letter that came to mind for the sake of convenience and social uniformity: G.

Although conniving, calculating and highly secretive, G acts on instinct in moments of crisis, swiftly adapting to changing situations and following impulses as they come. Her base nature is violent, but only practically so: when using or hurting others seems likely to be the fastest and most effective course of action, she will do so and relish it, as evidenced by one of her first interactions with Dr. Rashad “Twitchy” Hopkins: thrusting him into the line of fire of Geralth Troopers for the purpose of distracting them and testing their capabilities. Her unnatural level of aptitude for technology (bordering on telepathic) became apparent early on, but she chose not to reveal her skill for quite some time, often preferring to aid the team without their knowledge and then claiming ‘intuition’ that technology she had sabotaged was likely to work in their favour.

Out of all the crew, she trusts April best, owing to both her cool demeanour and the early support she showed for G’s mistrust of Dr. Graves. In general she prefers the company of computers, and those who act with the same logic and predictability. For this reason, she trusts Dusan and Joy least, despite her pheromone-induced attraction to the latter.

Though capable of leadership, G prefers to act in the background, where risk is low and situations are more easily adapted to and observed.


Standing at around 5’6", G possesses a lean, boyish physique, one she tends to place in shadowed corners and carry with languid, skulking steps. Her limbs are lithe but well-muscled, in turns hanging loosely at her sides and giving the distinct sense of being coiled to pounce. Straight brown hair falls to her shoulders, tidily arranged and practically cut. Stark blue eyes bore from beneath her perpetually furrowed brow through narrowed slits; it is her habit to scrutinise everything and everyone around her, ever untrusting and consequently untrustworthy in appearance. She favours simple clothing, but seems to lack any understanding of style, grabbing anything available and frequently mismatching her outfits. Her skin is creamy in colour, but her legs and elbows bear an array of dotted scars: it seems to be her habit to pick and peel when her hands are idle.


Currently stored in bunk:

Food pills x5
Light combat armour
Night-vision goggles
Advanced Med-kit
Stun baton
Assault rifle
Frag grenade

Currently holding:

Vacuum suit
Electrical Tool Kit
Fast-use Med-kit
Laser pistol x2
Stun baton
Blow-torch <3



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