Subject Information:
Codename: Taipan Location: Xerpho
Name: Joy Affiliations: Unknown

Physical Overview:
Age: Early 30s
Sex: Female
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’4
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 115 lbs, 8.2 stones, 52.3 kg
Build: Lean, muscular
Complexion: Pale

Biological Overview:
Species: Civilization Alpha
Race: Unknown
Origin: Vran
Cybernetic Implants: Several, listed below.

Known Enhancements:
Physical: Scopulae on limbs, small projections
Psychological: Capable of inducing fear in multiple targets
Physical: Heightened olfactory senses
Physical: Invisibility at-will
Physical: Cybernetic Death Nails (with poison injection)
Physical: Night Optics

Combat Training
Melee: Combatives
Melee: Kyosha-Jutso

Field Skills:
Surface Vehicle Operation
Spacecraft Operation


1 Stun Baton
1 ZT 5-7 Pistol
1 Laser Pistol
1 Light Combat Armor
1 Vacuum Suit

1 Unicom
1 Vacuum Suit
1 Binocular, Electro-Optical
1 Grappler Tag
1 Duracable
1 Night Vision Goggles
1 Flash Seal
1 Nanobeacon
Boost Chemical 3
Laser Tripwire 1
Tangle Grenade 3
(Frag Grenade 2) Currently 2 Concussive
Concussion Grenade 2
Duracable with grappler 2
Medkit, Fast Use 2
Chemical, antitox 2
Sensor, medicomp 1
Fusion Torch —

Z-Tech Scientist ID
Journalist ID


Subject seems to have low regard for her own life and a high regard for the lives of others. In combat, she is impulsive and quick, with tendencies toward reckless improvisation. In and out of combat, subject has a relaxed demeanour and is typically unphased by most situations and attitudes around her. She is decisive, impatient, optimistic, and confident almost to the point of arrogance.

Known Acquaintances:
Allies: Team of unknown, aggressive species, as well as several civilians:
Dr. Erika Graves (deceased)
Dr. Theodore Maldonado (behavioral scientist)
Dr. Franklyn Connor (administrative leader)
Dr. Rashad Hopkins (chemist)
Claudine Higgins (language specialist)
Group of civilians discovered in Xerpho.

Enemies: Geralth, Boshaggh

Specimen’s Recorded Audio Logs:

Hm. Interesting. This is Joy, a member of what is now called Civilization Alpha.
We’ve got a ship. Well, two ships. Mmmmm….well, in all technicality we have three ships. But we just got two more. We had one, you see. Then we killed the dogs and helped the softies on the Cartographer. Now we have two more. One is theirs, the softies, but it may not stay that way long. Because…G. Smart though, G is. We need more softies to help.
the sound of metal tapping against metal can be heard
I want to name the dog ship. Butterfly. I know what that is, I think. If others disagree, will paint it on the side. Can’t disagree with paint. Must make it..usable. Friendly. Butterfly is friendly.
….I will drive it? Dog-ship could protect the softies. Has big guns, after all.
the tapping pauses
I should learn dog.
her voice rises, calling out in a sing song tune Claaaaaudiiiiine.
transmission end

(Female 1) Look, you talk into this.
(Female 2) This is April. a mechanical sound pops and then shunts, as if locking
(Female 1) That’s April. This is Joy.
(April) That’s Joy, this is April.
(Both) there’s a quiet pause, with the sense of two people looking at each other
(April) Our ship currently – if only temporarily – lack the resources to start creating the weapons and gadgets that I have in mind. I would be much appreciative if, perhaps, we were to go shopping soon.
(Joy) silence for a moment again I’ll get whatever you need. What’d you have in mind?
(April) if the sound of a smirk could be transmitted, it would be transmitting now Completely overhauling our current weapons and perhaps doing research on beginning production of our special brand of weapons?
(Joy) Sounds sexy. That may just be you. I’d like to keep the Butterfly intact, so no stripping of its weapons. I like “our special brand”. Sounds…special.
(April) I don’t mean to strip, beautiful. Well, I do, but that’s for later and just between us. I mean to upgrade – to enhance. I need to start looking into factories. Perhaps retrofit a ship to be an impromptu beta weapons site. Oh, can I have a ship? One of my very own? I’ll feed it, I promise.
(Joy) Yes! Of course! We’ll get you one all for you. What breed would you like? Do you want me, when I sneak into Z-Tech facilities, to see what kinds of new weapons they’re designing?
(April) the sound of hands clapping Yes please! I’ll take their designs and make them better! Maybe find some blueprints? Maybe destroy their copies? Maybe take me out for a dinner and wine to celebrate?
(Joy) another pair of hands join in I shall get alllll their blueprints. And not blue prints. And anything else useful. Dinner, wine, guns, lovely!
(April) the sound of a hand moving across fabric You say the sweetest things to me. I think I’ll name my ship the StarHawk. Put a big ol’ bird on the side.
(Joy) quiet giggle We shall take over EVERYTHING. It’ll be great. Starhawk, Butterfly, this ridiculous Drake ship…we should rename that other ship. Mm.
(April) Mmhmm. Something nice. Something…clean and dangerous. Like a bladed predator.
(Joy) We’ll call it Batterfly.
(April) loud laugh What about Battlefly?
(Joy) snicker Should we name it battle anything? It has no guns. Give it guns! In the meantime, I’m going to go spy on our new softies.
(April) the sound of a pop can be heard Give ‘em hell. I’ll take a look at the ship and see what we can do about weapons.
transmission end


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