"Lower your weapons and get on the ground or I promise: You. Will. Die."


Quiet and analytical, Six is an acrobatic solider with a strong sense of duty who isn’t afraid to jump into the fray to protect his allies. Six excels at close quarters combat and regularly brings the fight to his targets, usually without their knowledge, as he is especially stealthy and a natural assassin.

When not on missions Six spends most of his time setting up obstacle courses in the cargo deck, training to perfect his mind and body. He has recently been spending time with Dusan and G, assisting them with projects while requesting assistance for his own.

Usually stoic, Six he has a mischievous streak, a dry wit and a sardonic sense of humor; especially when dealing with his fellow Alphas. He is still trying to make sense of this world and those in it, including himself: Always watching, always waiting, for what he doesn’t know.

Physical Traits
Age: Mid Twenties
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark brown, short and styled
Height: 6’6’’
Eyes: Yellow
Weight: 240 lbs (50 lbs for cybernetic legs)
Build: Athletic, wiry, muscular
Complexion: Light

Mental Traits
IQ: Average (requires more testing for complete analysis)
Reasoning: Standard. Subject is straight forward yet resourceful.
Problem Solving: Standard (requires more testing for complete analysis)
General Knowledge: Unknown (requires more testing for complete analysis)
Temperament: Stoic, candid and calm; occasional tendencies toward irascibility
Neurosis: Subject displays hyper sensitivity to his surroundings and reacts with a constant vigilance bordering Paranoia. it appears the subject sees every action as a threat until proven otherwise: Possible side effect of stasis or something else?

Known Enhancements
Mental: Implant containing knowledge as of yet not known by subject.
Mental: Implant containing knowledge as of yet not known by subject.
Mental: Implant greatly increasing subjects reflexes.
Physical: Subcutaneous Body Armor. Makes the subject difficult to injure.
Physical: Subject’s legs have been replaced by heavily modified limbs consisting of a complex mix of cybernetics, alloys and specially treated tissues to copy the appearance of his former appendages while greatly increasing the subjects speed and strength beyond human capabilities: In short, he excels at acrobatic feats.
Physical: Subject seems to have what appears to be echolocation or some similar trait lending to him a sort of “blind sense.” Note: This ability may be a factor in relation to his Paranoia. Update: Still unsure as to what gives him this ability.
Physical (Special): Subject is able to willingly manifest a focused area of energy emanating out from his hand. This energy vibrates at a frequency which mimics physical manifestation. It is speculated the subject uses this highly unstable energy manipulation as an extemporaneous weapon.

Combat Capabilities
Subject has displayed incredible combat capabilities. While excelling in close quarters through the deadly application of his “Mind Blade”, the subject has apparently taught himself to wield firearms, increasing his effective combat range. The subject has also shown skillful proficiency using both blade and firearm simultaneously to the dismay of his enemies.

Field Skills
Subject has shown proficiency for perception though this may be due in part by his “paranoia power”: More testing must be induced to prove our findings.
Subject appears to find difficulty with personal interaction, with both humans and his own Alpha companions: He seems to struggle finding the right words to express himself and often fills his conversations with long pauses and awkward silences. Update: It appears the subject is more comfortable when the talk is less serious or he is mocking someone or something; possibly a defense mechanism?

Joy – While outwardly exhibiting great respect and even fondness for this Alpha, there are signs that Six represses negative feelings for Joy: Possibly distrust, apprehension, even scorn? Alpha Joy awakened Six from his stasis and for a time the subject seemed to defer to her in gauging how he should think and react in this world. Note: Subject Six seemed especially susceptible to her mind-effecting pheromone. Over time it seems Six has developed a resistance to it’s effectiveness on his senses, and, after realizing the part it played in his affection and trust in Joy, he has distanced himself from her, perhaps in attempt to better understand his true feelings towards this most alluring and manipulative Alpha.

Despite his internal struggle Six appears to value Joy’s effectiveness as a leader and strategist; he follows her direction with only minimal reservations. He has even taken to referring to her as “Boss”.

Boom – Subject Six awakened this Seventh Alpha from stasis. Six seems to respect Boom’s physical power and weapon’s training as great assets to the team. While fond of Boom’s efficiency in combat, Six does not appreciate the level of collateral damage that follows in his wake and does not condone the cold, almost cruel, disregard for life the seventh Alpha displays, even going so far as to threaten Boom in especially tense situations.

Six sees Boom as a powerful weapon, a tool, for which to further his group’s ambitions and keeps a close eye on their newest brother in arms.

G – (Notes incoming)

Dusan – (Notes incoming)

April – The subject acknowledges her sniping abilities but hasn’t had much interaction with her since their first mission. Evaluation of Alpha April and Subject Six is unknown.

Elliot – The subject has had little interaction with Elliot since his time aboard The Drake, though Six understands Elliot’s piloting skills have helped keep them all alive. Evaluation of Alpha Elliot and Subject Six is unknown.

Subject’s Skill Proficiency
Climb: Advanced
Concentration: Proficient
Drive: Proficient
Escape Artist: Proficient
Hide: Prof (Expert when Chameleon’d)
Jump: Grand Master
Move Silently: Advanced
Pilot: Proficient
Tumble: Advanced



  • x1 Heavy Pistol (true name unknown)
  • x3 Ammo for “Heavy Pistol”
  • x1 Laser Pistol
  • x1 Power Pack
  • x1 Fast Use Medical Kit
  • x1 Night Vision Goggles
  • x1 EMP (grenade)
  • x0 Tangler (grenade)
  • x5 Shrapnel (granade)
  • x1 Concussion (grenade)
  • x1 Stun Baton
  • some guys wallet
  • ID cards and more “wallets” from the crew aboard the Z-Tech ship.
  • x1 Flash Seal
  • x0 Blowtorch
  • Vacuum Suit
  • Void Suit
  • Helmet w/ Heads-Up Display and Comm System
  • Neural Transmitter x2


  • brown trench coat
  • black skin tight suit
  • knee high boots
  • arm bracers
  • grey space tunic
  • dark grey loose fitting pants
  • red scarf wrapped around neck


  • Psionic Focus – movement bonus, damage with blade+, damage with gun
  • Chameleon – 3 points / Bonus to Stealth checks
  • Teleport – 15 points / Approx. 40ft

NOTE: Cannot use blade if focus is at “0”.


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