The Cartographer

Captained by Captain Nicholas Clark and crewed entirely by humans, The Cartographer is a small fighter-transport that had the misfortune of being rescued from a peaceful death by The Drake and its mad, merry band of misfits. At present, it is acting as part of The Drake’s fleet, though its permanent fate remains undecided.

During a brief border war, it was known as Joy Lynn, and bore the purpose of protecting intraplanetary supply lines. It was renamed and purchased by Captain Clark at the conflict’s end.

Deck Plans


  • Type: Fighter-transport
  • Size: small
  • Speed: 3,000ft
  • Length: 135 ft
  • Weight: 1100 tons
  • Crew: 4 (3 current)
  • Passengers: 2 max
  • Cargo capacity: 350 tons


  • Power Core: Fusion Core (PR 45, MC 450)
  • Engines: Ion engine, thrusters
  • Armor: Alloy plating
  • Sensors: Class I Sensors
  • Communications: Laser transceiver, radio transceiver
  • Defense Systems: Autopilot, damage control (1d10), light fortification
  • Weapon Systems: 1 CHE Missile launcher (0/8 missiles)


Its attack and autopilot systems are currently under the covert control of G.

The Cartographer

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